Mulberry kitchen
We have two dining areas:
Mulberry Indoor Restaurant

This is an in-house, unique, home style, Multi-cuisine restaurant on lower ground floor. It is well lit and well ventilated space just next to the reception. It is very reasonably priced to suit all budgets.


Breakfast -
8.00 AM-10.00AM
Lunch and Dinner
Monday to Thursday
12.00noon to 10.00 PM
Friday to Sunday
12.00 noon to 10:30 PM

We have a different menu for breakfast everyday ranging from Punjabi stuffed Paranthas, Poori-Chole and South Indian Idli Vada Sambar to Masala omelettes and sandwiches.
We make frequent changes in the menu keeping in mind the availability of seasonal vegetables. The food is hygienically cooked and is always freshly made.

Terrace restaurant

Our terrace restaurant on rooftop has a unique ambience in the entire neighbourhood. It offers a beautiful view of sky and surroundings. It has a feel of a cosy private terrace- part covered and part open to sky. It is fitted with mist fans and sprinklers to keep the party place cool during summers.
Our rooftop restaurant is a perfect place to hold evening get-togethers, be it a birthday bash or a pre-wedding function, like Mehndi or cocktail. It is an ideal place to have corporate parties too. This Terrace can accommodate 100+ guests easily.
Terrace restaurant is on level 3. it is easily accessible with a branded elevator as also knee-friendly comfortable and broad stairs. Easy lounge type seating is provided.

Special offer

As a special promotional gesture we are organising Saturday evening buffet dinners with live music on the terrace at a very nominal price of Rs.400 per person. Menu changes every Saturday.
Prior reservations though not mandatory, are strongly encouraged, specially over weekends, to ensure a seamless service experience.
Guests can enjoy the evenings in harmony with music , moon and stars .

Open Terrace Restaurant
Dinning Hall